Peter Francis, Jr.
August 6, 1945 to December 8th, 2002


Jamey Allen's Memorial
to Peter Francis Jr.

James Lankton's Description
of the Memorial Service

Lankton's Eulogy
at the Service

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To see tributes from the Bead Community, go to Sidney Oliver's website HandThoughts.

Beads-L list-serv co-facilitator Deborah Zinn compiled these tributes into a memorial book for the Reverend and Mrs. Francis.

Center for the
Study of Beadwork
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Photo by Dee Mueller
On the Effort to Preserve the
Study Collection of the
Center for Bead Research

Shortly after Peter's death, a group of concerned colleagues spontaneously formed a committee, first to help The Reverend and Mrs. Francis decide options for how to deal with Peter's collection, then to facilitate the preservation of the collection through the raising of funds to allow for the various tasks associated with that preservation. Currently those committee members include Karlis Karklins, editor of the Society of Bead Researchers, Alice Scherer, Director of the Center for the Study of Beadwork, Jamey Allen and James Lankton, consultants to The Bead Museum in Arizona and The Bead Museum-DC, Gabrielle Liese, Founding Director of The Bead Museum in Arizona, and Stefany Tomalin of the Bead Society of Great Britain.

What Will Happen to the Collection?

The Francises have decided to donate the collection of the Center for Bead Research to the Bead Museum in Arizona. Mrs. Liese, founding director of the Museum, reminds us that "The Bead Museum was founded to share knowledge and certainly we will do all in our power to preserve Peter's CBR collection and make it easily available. For the present, and probably permanently, we do not plan to 'meld' or 'fold' the collection into our own. We want to keep it intact in its own space with its own designation (PFJR/CBR), and this will take planning."

Progress of the Fundraising to Preserve the Collection and Archive

The effort to preserve Peter's collection and archive will take money and the effort of the bead community. A seed money budget of $15,000 has been set. So far, about $8,175 has been raised. This leaves us $6,825 short of our goal. For a list of donors and what specific dollar amounts have been raised to date or to find information on how to make a donation, click Check the Progress to the left. To see what the current budget of the preservation effort covers, click Read the Budget.

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