The Fundraiser and What It Funds


On the Effort to
Preserve the Study Collection
of the Center for Bead Research

What Will Happen to the Collection?

Progress of the Fundraising to Preserve the Collection


Jamey Allen's Memorial to Peter Francis Jr.

James Lankton's Description of the Memorial Service

Lankton's Eulogy at the Service

Cause of Death

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To see tributes from the Bead Community, go to Sidney Oliver's website HandThoughts.

Beads-L list-serv co-facilitator Deborah Zinn compiled these tributes into a memorial book for the Reverend and Mrs. Francis.

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What Has Been Raised So Far

Alice Scherer$500
Anonymous Donor$100
Recursos de Santa Fe$2000
David Hurst Thomas and Lori Pendleton$100
Sarah Frazier$100
Valerie Hector$200
Mary Tafoya$50
Stefany Tomalin$300
Maggie Endres$250
Margret Carey$200
Susan Myers$25
Terry O'Neill$50
Beadesigner International$2,000
Bead Society of Greater Chicago$200
Barbara VanDusen and Steve Bishop$200
Portland Bead Society$1,000
Bobbi Penniman$50
Lois Sherr Dubin$100
Sidney Oliver$150
TOTAL $8,175

What the money is needed for in general terms

Packing and preparing the collection for transport from Lake Placid, New York to the Bead Museum in Glendale, Arizona
Shipping and insuring the work while in transit
Museum Work
This last includes accessioning the collection into the records of The Bead Museum, properly conserving it, purchasing appropriate storage or display units to hold the material, publishing Peter's material as appropriate, whether in print or on the web, creating exhibitions or portions of exhibitions based on the material, and other expenses not described here.

Would you like to make a Donation?

To make a donation to the effort to preserve Peter's collection, please make out your check to The Bead Museum and send it to the Peter Francis Jr Collection Fund, The Bead Museum, 5754 W. Glenn Drive, Glendale, AZ 85301. Your donation is fully tax-deductible and will go into a restricted fund to be used only for expenses related to Peter's collection. If you do make a donation, please send an email to the fundraising committee so that we can update the above list to include you and your donation. Please let me know if you wish to remain anonymous or not. To send an email to the fundraising committee, click here.

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